{batter: the art of making donuts}

Throughout college, my best friend Danielle and I, as well as my husband, would talk a lot about how cool it would be to own a bakery one day. I think the idea originally came to Danielle and I during freshman year when we were sitting in our dorm room watching Paula Deen work her magic on the Food Network. It really just started out as a kind of joke. By the time senior year rolled around, though, Danielle and I found that we had a genuine passion for baking. We spent much of that year testing various dessert recipes for my wedding in June, and we had a total blast doing it.

So, Danielle, Connor, and I started talking seriously about opening our own shop one day – and we plan on doing it! But, until that day comes, we decided to convey our love for baking through a video series which we named “batter”. We created this series in order to inspire people to get back to the basics of baking – to try their hand at making classic baked goods from scratch instead of from a box. We love baking because of the freedom and creativity that it lends. You always begin the process with a batter, but a few small manipulations can determine whether that batter becomes a cake or a donut or a cookie! We hope that this series inspires you to create something of your own in the kitchen.

(All footage was taken on Danielle’s Canon Rebel t3. I edited it in Final Cut. Special thanks to Danielle for the awesome footage!)

In this video we made Samoa Baked Donuts using this recipe. Yes – they were awesome. If we hadn’t been pressed for time, we would have preferred making our own caramel, which would have made the donuts even better. If you use store-bought caramels, we suggest adding at least 2 T of milk to it for the caramel sauce, as ours was too sticky and thick.


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