life lately


{Listening} The Head and the Heart – Let’s Be Still

{Watching} The new season of Parks and Recreation. We think that this is one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

{Reading} A lot of healthy living blogs. My favorites are Wellness Mama and Mind Body Green.

{Dreaming} Vacationing to NC and SC in May

{Learning} How to cure my body’s numerous allergies naturally

{Planning} Becoming foster parents to rescued doggies! We’re doing this through Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue.

{Creating} A vitamin c face spray, homemade chapstick, and a new coffee mug that reminds me of my purpose on this earth.

{Working} Paying off all of our student loans by the end of 2014

{Drinking} Strong coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil (we use this recipe)

{Wearing} Trucker hats (I’ve never been girly and I’m not about to start now – sorry Mom!) 😉

{Exploring} Cheyenne Mountain State Park – where we came upon a bear while mountain biking and almost sheeeeet our pants

{Cooking} Homemade Magic Shell (one of our dear friends now thinks this is the greatest dessert recipe of all time – score!), Paleo chocolate chip cookies and sweet potato brownies, and microwave rosemary parmesan popcorn made in a brown paper bag (with olive oil or coconut oil)

{Stoked About} Summer and everything that comes with it. Sunshine, iced coffee, mountain biking, camping, exploring, shorts, Birkenstocks, outdoor soccer….


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