our favorite coffee shops in colorado


If you know me well then you know that I LOVE coffee. I love trying new roasts and new brew methods – espresso (my very favorite), chemex (second favorite), aeropress, cold brew (Connor’s favorite), pour over…I know, I know…super hipster. Connor and I love coffee so much that we went on a self-guided coffee tour in Denver a few weeks ago. It got us thinking that we should share our favorite coffee places in Colorado. There are a lot, so this is a big list. Below I share our favorite coffee shops as well as our pick for the tastiest drinks/treats from each.

#1 Cafe Dawn

Location: Salida, CO

Our Pick: Iced latte

This little coffee shop in downtown Salida makes our favorite iced latte. The espresso is strong (which we love), and the iced lattes are thick and smooth tasting – none of that watery, weak stuff that you get at most coffee shops. We also love the environment at this cafe. It’s located in an old car garage in one of our favorite mountain towns, which makes it our go-to post-camping/mountain biking/snowboarding beverage.

#2 Urban Steam

Cubano Cortados at Urban Steam

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Our Pick: Cubano Cortado

I really cannot fully express how good the Cubano Cortado is at this place. It is a revelation and currently our most favorite coffee drink of all-time. Urban Steam makes this drink a little differently than most by blending espresso, a bit of milk, sugar, salt, and BUTTER. That’s right – it has butter in it, which makes it rich, creamy, and very smooth. We HIGHLY recommend ordering one of these babies ASAP. You won’t regret it.

#3 Alleycat Coffee House

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Our Pick: Red Eye Cat

You haven’t lived until you’ve had Alleycat’s famous chai, whether iced, hot, or in a milkshake. Even better than their regular chai is their Red Eye Cat – basically a dirty chai (chai+espresso). We had dozens of these in college and it was the perfect study drink. We’ve since tried dirty chai’s in other cafes around Colorado, Washington, and Canada, but nothing even comes close to Alleycat.

#4 Camp 4 Coffee

Location: Crested Butte, CO

Our Pick: Hot or iced latte

Every time we’re in Crested Butte to mountain bike or camp, we’re sure to stop here for a latte. They have the strongest, darkest espresso I’ve ever tasted – like knock your socks off strong – which we enjoy but other people may find a bit intense. We like that they roast their own beans and are located in a TINY shack covered in license plates. So much character. The only thing we don’t like about this place is their high prices.

#5  Steam Espresso Bar

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Location: Denver, CO

Our Pick: Macaroons

This place gets our vote for the most stylish coffee shop in Colorado. It is seriously a work of art. I had the most delicious macaroons of all-time here (get the lemon and the chocolate) and wish I’d bought some to take home. We also ordered their iced latte and iced dirty chai – both of which were excellent.

#6 Black Eye Coffee Shop

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Location: Denver, CO

Our Pick: Cold-Pressed Honeydew Mint Juice

Ok, disclaimer: this was our last stop on our Denver coffee tour day and we were so overloaded with caffeine that we decided to opt for a cold-pressed juice instead. I’m so glad we did. The honeydew mint juice was hands-down the most refreshing drink I’ve ever had. It was so good that we tried recreating it at home with our own juicer the next week. This place also gets bonus points for carrying our favorite espresso roast of all time: Owl’s Howl from Sightglass Coffee. It’s a life-changer, people. We can’t wait to come back to Black Eye and try their coffee!

#7 Fifty Fifty Coffee House

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Our Pick: Cold Brew

With this quaint neighborhood shop being located a few blocks from our house, we bike or walk here at least once a week. They have a nice patio, a super friendly staff, and great local partnerships. In fact, they’re located next door to Switchback Coffee Roasters, where we buy most of our coffee beans.

#8 Huckleberry Roasters

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Location: Denver, CO

Our pick: Cortado

This place also roasts their own coffee, which is awesome. It’s located off the beaten path and has a very calm, quiet, and laid-back atmosphere. We both ordered Cortados and thought they were top-notch. We’d love to buy a bag of their beans the next time we’re in Denver.


4 thoughts on “our favorite coffee shops in colorado

  1. The Cubano Cortado sounds divine! No love for Brown Dog Coffee (aka Bongo Billy’s) in BV? I always thought they had location on their side: right after a good 14er and right before that 2 hour drive back home. That and a Snickerdoodle Espresso Drink.

    • I’ve actually never been there! Must try. We always go to BV Roastery for dirty chai’s after 14er’s (which I should’ve added to this list-darn it!), but I’ll have to try BDC now! Sounds delicious!

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