life lately

{Listening} Junip. A whole lotta’ Junip.

{Watching} Outlander. Good stuff for us history nerds.

{Reading} The Fellowship of the Ring (how have I never read this before??) and Forgotten God.

{Celebrating} Connor’s 23rd birthday!! We had dinner with both of our families and went to our favorite restaurant, Nosh, for food and drinks. If you live in the Springs, you must go here! They have potato chip nachos…enough said.

{Dreaming} Road-tripping to Northern California in the late Spring.

{Learning} How to make the most of each day instead of living for the weekends. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

{Planning} Where we’ll be living next year. Decisions, decisions.

{Creating} French macaroons. My best friend Dani and I just made our first batch and can’t wait to perfect them! They’re such finnicky little things.

{Working} Paying off the remainder of our student loans by the end of this month!! At which point we will be 100% debt free!

{Drinking} I gifted Connor this iced coffee kit for his birthday and it is insanely good. That’s coming from someone who usually hates cold brew coffee.

{Wearing} Birks and jean cutoffs. Summer wardrobe is still going strong.

{Exploring} More 14’ers (we just crossed #20 off our list!), and Great Sand Dunes National Park. Such an awesome backpacking trip. I’ll be posting a video soon of our weekend there.

{Cooking} I haven’t been very creative in the cooking department lately. But I did make some excellent homemade Cherry Garcia ice cream the other week…does that count as cooking?

{Stoked About} Fall biking weather, pumpkin scented everything, and the new Ben Howard CD releasing on October 21. FINALLY.

{Goals} Eliminate wheat from my diet entirely. I tested negative for a full-blown allergy, but am definitely intolerant. I’ve found that when I eat wheat, I get rashes, irritability, stomach aches, increased seasonal allergies, and fatigue. Suuuuch a bummer. 😦


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