Biblical Worldview

Another week has flown by and another lecture topic finished. This week our speaker was Ed Sherman and he covered the topic of Biblical Worldview. Worldview is how we perceive and interpret the world, and it impacts what we do and how we act. Having a Biblical worldview then is doing life with God’s perspective. There are so many aspects to this that we covered this week, but in short, we learned about God’s creation of the universe and His purpose for humanity. We learned that life in the Garden was just what God intended for us, but after the Fall and our submission to evil, the Garden became wilderness and the world became a place God did not intend it to be. However, since the Fall, the entire span of human history has been about God graciously giving humanity chance after chance to be reconciled back to Him and back to how He intended things to be. When you read your Bible, realize that every chapter is one where God is giving humanity another opportunity to repent and be in relationship with Him – it will change how you see God (it did for me!). When Jesus came, He began doing miracles, showing us God’s purpose for the Earth (no sickness, no poverty, no hunger, no death). Jesus involved His disciples in these miracles to show us that we participate with God in His work on Earth – that’s how much He loves us. Not only that, but we have been given authority over this Earth as co-heirs with Christ. Therefore we are called to heal the sick, help the poor, feed the hungry, and do miracles through Jesus, growing the Kingdom on Earth and making the world like our King intended it to be. I wish we could cover everything we learned because it was all so exciting and interesting! 


This week taught me more about God’s character than any week so far. As I said above, the thing that stood out to me most was the fact that God has had one plan since the beginning of our creation and that is to have relationship with us. It blows my mind that ever since the Fall, God has given us countless chances to be reconciled to Him, and no matter how many times we’ve blown it (and we have blown it a lot – just read the history of the Israelites in the Old Testament), He still welcomes us with open arms and promises good things. Now when I read the Bible, I just kind of sit in awe that He loves us that much. Every book of the Bible is basically God trying to reconcile us to Him. So good.

Another huge thing God taught me this week is that I need to stop taking the viewpoint that I have to finish some sort of checklist before I can be qualified or have authority to do big things for God. This is a legalistic viewpoint – which I struggle with frequently – and is so sinful as it robs the world of the talents God has given me for doing Kingdom work on Earth. As our speaker explained, Jesus gave us authority to be His priests, kings, queens, prophets, healers, etc. on this Earth when he annointed us with the Holy Spirit (described in the book of Acts). So, we already have authority just by believing in Him, and the key is owning that authority in order to be involved in the ministry of reconciling the world to what God intended it to be. How good is God that He doesn’t just sit back in Heaven waiting for the time when He’ll come retake the Earth and reign but that He invites us to join Him in lessening human suffering until then?! 


This week took a step back from the more personal side of connecting with God and instead helped me view the world through His eyes. I often question how to reconcile society’s view of how you should live your life with God’s view. Ed Sherman’s talks this week opened my mind to the fact that God can use your wisdom, desires, and talents (which are all from God anyway!) to further His Kingdom through nearly any job/career/workplace in society. I’ve always been interested in business, but wondered how moral it was to be in a job where profit is #1 and God’s wishes for the people of this planet are long forgotten. God kindled within me a desire to do business for good purposes, putting His desires for this world first. I have no idea what this might look like after DTS as we re-enter the job market, but I know that putting faith in His hands and looking at any job with His outlook in mind will put me on the right path. 

Other than school lectures, we also had another Saturday doing Youth Street. Alix’s sports team played picnic games, and Connor’s skate & scoot team tie-dyed shirts and did a slip ‘n’ slide. Connor was also part of a team that did City Serve, wherein students helped plant hundreds of trees and grasses in the riparian area of a nearby park. On our weekend, we took advantage of the $2.50 all-day public transportation on every Sunday to visit Newcastle Beach and Charlestown Mall. We also try to go running and play soccer once or twice per weekend, but the opportunities pale in comparison to Colorado! We are missing our home state but glad that we have 90’s and sun instead of that white stuff!


Newcastle beach!


A quick coffee at this shop before going to the beach


Found a cool coffee place not far from our house. A great place to work on homework!



One thought on “Biblical Worldview

  1. I’ve only been following you two for 3 weeks, and how interesting to read of your experiences! It sounds like you’re greatly benefitting from your classes and exposures there. And I’m enjoying the great photos, too. J.

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