This week was filled with rain, a care package from home, a nerf gun war, more rain, lots of cheap McDonald’s ice cream, and lectures on relationships from a hilarious speaker. We were honestly pretty hesitant before lectures began this week because we thought it would be generic high school relationship advice. But we ended up being surprised and really enjoyed the speaker’s unique take on the topic. This week we focused on Biblical wisdom as it is a key foundation of all relationships. We learned that Biblical wisdom is God’s “how to”, and it has nothing to do with your brain or education, but everything to do with your heart and attitude. Wisdom of the world says that you gain knowledge first, then understanding, and then wisdom. God’s wisdom has to do with your heart and it takes the exact opposite approach, beginning with the gift of wisdom and ending with knowledge. We also learned that wisdom is a heart attitude, and that attitudes take you into or away from the will of God. As our speaker put it, “actions are the offspring of your attitudes”, or in other words, your attitude determines your future because it determines your actions.

Another highlight of this week’s lectures was learning about The Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and their relationship with each other. “The Trinity Brothers” as our speaker called them make up the family of God. All three have different qualities, purposes, and functions but they are still one being. Our marriages, family life, and friendships were designed to reflect this relationship that The Trinity has with one another. Equality, authority, and ministry are to be pillars of each of our relationships. 


This week God continued to ask me to surrender some things to Him that I’ve been holding onto tightly and not trusting Him with. He has been leading me through this for 2 weeks, but this week I really felt like I was finally willing to let go of those things. This week our speaker asked us, “What do you think you have that God would want to steal it from you?” Since coming to DTS I had certain expectations for my life that I was not willing to let go of. I told God I’d do anything He wanted me to, unless it involved giving up those things. But the truth is that God comes to us and says, “Give me what’s yours and I’ll give you what’s mine.” This week I was hit with the truth that God’s plans for my life are far better than my own plans because He knows me infinitely better than I know myself! I can’t wait to see what His purpose is for me and for my marriage.


Like Alix stated, I have also been battling with God over giving up many things in order to fully commit to His calling on my life. These things range from attitudes I’ve developed, to expectations for my future, and to my understanding of how things are supposed to work in the world. For example, I have held the belief that I have to reach God through worldly acts, when He actually only desires a relationship based in love and to walk with Him side-by-side in faith. Confirming this, one of our staff leaders approached Alix and I during a worship time with a vision for us. God showed him that we were trying to ascend a climbing wall to reach God, but God simply opened up the wall like a doorway and let us in. Inside was a table full of fruit and food, which God said was provision for the journey He has planned for us. We thought this vision was perfectly timed and amazingly geared toward us – speaking in climbing terms we can relate to, and relevant to both of our current internal struggles towards a relationship with God. From this vision I am now more prepared than ever to walk into the next steps that God has planned for me and for my marriage. 

The next step of our journey will be outreach! Our outreach locations were announced yesterday. There were a lot of amazing opportunities and we have both prayed separately and together as to where to go. We get to select a first and second choice, but we have to wait a week or so to find out which teams we are actually selected for. So stay tuned! The Trailblazers will all be going on a week-long camping trip starting tomorrow, and hopefully we will have some exciting news not only from camping but also about our outreach location in one of our next blog posts. Thanks for following along!


A park a few blocks from our house where Connor and I like to run.


The birds in Australia are crazy! This one looks like he got a traffic cone stuck on his face and is also wearing skinny jeans!



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