Character of God

We just wrapped up week 7 of lectures and the topic was character of God. This week felt much more relaxed and gentle than others, like God was just wanting to confirm His goodness to us and increase our trust in Him. We spent the week discussing three realities that make up who God is. First, He has a nature. His nature is that He is infinte in power, knowledge, presence, love, etc. He is everlasting, sovereign, eminent (very close), and transcendent (bigger than anything He created). He is unchanging and has no beginning and no end. Second, God is a person; He has a personality and thinks, feels, communicates, etc. like a person (this is how we can have a personal relationship with Him). Third, God has a character. God chooses His character, and He has chosen firstly to be a father, a holy God, a faithful God, a kind God, a gracious God, a just God, a compassionate God, a generous God…the list is infinite because God is infinite. Sometimes we become so consumed by the enormity of our own struggles and problems that we start to think they’re too difficult for God to solve. But this week we were hit with the realization of how big and mighty God is. After all, He is the God who created the universe, and we are tiny beings sitting on a tiny planet in the middle of an infinitely large galaxy. So, I’m pretty darn sure God can handle any and all of our problems. If you want to sit in awe over how big  and creative God is, watch this video. I guarantee it will make your jaw drop!


There were a lot of gems of wisdom and truth this week, but what stuck with me most was the topic of faith. In the Bible, over and over again we see God ask people, “Are you up for making history with me?” We get to read about the awesome stories of the ones who said “yes”: Moses, Abraham, Joshua, Paul, etc. God is asking each and every person that same question, and it doesn’t depend on your circumstances or how capable you are. It depends on who God is and whether you have faith in who He is and what He says. For me, this really hit hard especially with our outreach looming on the horizon. So often I struggle with feeling unqualified and unworthy to go out and share the Gospel. But I forget that Jesus already annointed me to go save and rescue people (to do even greater things than He did on Earth!) (John 20:21-23). All I need to do is have faith that God has already annointed me and the sky is the limit to what I can do in His name.


Our speaker this week can be summed up in one word: precious. He is a humble man, small in demeanor, but so big in his heart for Jesus. He exudes love through his smile, his words, and especially his prayers. Although English is his second language, you would never know during his fervent, heartfelt prayers. He is transparent, and you know the Lord is with him. Because of this, he has some incredible stories of faith, and he has been led on some lifechanging journeys during his walk with Christ. 

Between our speaker’s words and the video linked above, I have really been reminding myself that God is always with us. He walks beside us in everything we do. We just have to acknowledge him and be in a relationship with him. I hope that living with that constant knowledge of His closeness will give me strength and reassurance during outreach. I also hope that His love will shine through my face to everyone I interact with, like it does through our speaker, and people will know God’s love through my words and actions. If you are praying for our journey, please pray for me in those areas – especially in terms of our outreach to Syrian refugees. 

Outside of school this week, we also spent another good day sightseeing around Newcastle. We traversed a suspended walkway on top of ocean cliffs called the ANZAC Walk, watched waves crash around the Bogey Hole, a man-made ocean bath, saw a pod of dolphins surf a wave, tried some good new coffee spots as per usual, and watched The Fellowship of The Ring with a LOTR virgin. It was a more relaxing week and weekend than usual. Next week’s topic is Lordship, which we’ve heard is pretty rough! We will let you know how we fare. 


Views from the ANZAC walk


The Bogey Hole : An ocean bath you can swim in when the waves aren’t as intense



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