Prophetic Evangelism

Week 10 has come to a close, and it was a wild one! The lecture topic was Prophetic Evangelism, and we had a hilarious speaker who made this scary-sounding subject sound doable and fun. Prophetic Evangelism is a really intimidating phrase but essentially it means encouraging love. It is loving God regardless of the outcome and loving your neighbor regardless of the outcome. We get the privilege of loving people extravagantly, and we should take advantage of that each day. We learned that evangelism can take many different forms. It can be smiling or opening a door for someone, or paying for a stranger’s coffee, or asking someone with a cast if you can pray for healing for them. Evangelism isn’t yelling at people and telling them they’re going to go to hell. It isn’t an activity you engage in sometimes – it’s a lifestyle. Any believer can do it if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and love people like Jesus loves them every single day.

This week we also learned first-hand the power of prayer. I’ve always heard that phrase – “power of prayer” – but I never really knew how true it was. If we believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives within us, and that means He can do miracles through us. This week we saw classmates get healed of food allergies that cause anaphylaxis, of joint pain, of arthritis, of headaches, and of back pain. All of those miracles happened just by prayer right in front of our eyes. Every single day this week was just crazy! 


I was sick all of this week and spent much of it in bed, but luckily I was able to attend most of the lectures and learned a lot of exciting things! My biggest take-away was that evangelism can be really fun and creative if you are even just a little bit bold and willing to get out of your comfort zone. For the first time in my life, I (with 2 of my friends) prayed for a stranger on the street after talking with her for about an hour and finding out she had severe back pain. When my friends saw her later that night at a Christmas event, she rushed up to tell them she had no pain in her back anymore. She then proceeded to run and jump around the event praising Jesus for healing her. So cool. 

I’m not as intimidated by evangelism anymore because there is no one way to do it. Whatever skills God gave you, you can use those to evangelize. I’m a good listener. I’m my father’s child and I usually prefer listening to talking. I love listening to peoples’ stories and people love to be listened to, so that’s what I’m going to focus on from now on – being open to listening to peoples’ stories even if they are strangers. Especially if they are strangers. It’s amazing to me how bad most people are at listening! If all evangelism is to you is just talking at people about Jesus, it’s not going to work. People open up when they feel you are hearing them and that you care about what they are saying. Such an easy way to show God’s love!


Our speaker really embodied just a normal guy living an extreme life because he is led by the Holy Spirit. He is not afraid of taking risks for Jesus, and has hours upon hours of amazing stories to tell because of it. In fact, he even has two documentaries about some of his journies. Every chance that came up in conversation or during lectures, he prayed. Whether it was for the person he was telling a story about, or for someone in the room with a hurting back, or for a random stranger he met the other day. Our speaker showed just how easy it is to say yes and take risks to follow the Holy Spirit. I feel much more equipped for ‘evangelism’ during outreach, because it is merely encouraging love.

This week,  I also am more and more confident that my deadly peanut allergy will be healed! After seeing a deadly apple allergy healed instantly (she ate an apple on the spot!), I know that Jesus has the power to heal my life-long allergy. I have received prayer for it multiple times, but after this week, I am confidently praying it through until I feel complete healing. Please partner with me and pray for my peanut allergy to be healed!

Outreach Update

We are still trying to fundraise $2700 USD to pay for our outreach costs to Greece and Germany! Our outreach unfortunately is the most expensive one, more than we orignally thought before coming to DTS, but we are confident in God’s power of provision and in His calling on our time here. This Christmas, would you pray about supporting our outreach fund? A gift of any amount will bless us immensely and get us closer to our goal. We have seen God bless and multiply so many donors and donations already. Here is the link to donate if you feel led to partner with us financially:

We want to wish all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas, and publicly thank you all for partnering financially and through prayer! Thank you for believing in God’s call on this season of our lives. We would love to pray for you this holiday season. Please comment, email, or Facebook either one of us any prayer requests!! If there’s one thing we learned this week: PRAYER WORKS!

Another update about our outreach is that, due to the high airfare prices around the holidays, we will be spending 2 weeks in a nearby community before we fly out to Greece. Our base has committed a few teams to this lower-income area over the past year, and we are being sent to continue watering the seeds that have been planted. We will host a second Summer Blast block party, which was a huge success last month. After this week’s topic, we are especially excited to be able to show this community more and more encouraging love! 

For more outreach updates, keep checking our blog weekly, or request an invitation to our outreach team’s Facebook group. God bless you and thanks for reading!


This week we had a Christmas party with our housemates! Games were played, Christmas music was listened to, and lots of sugar was consumed (which is obvious in the next two pictures)!



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