A Layover in Athens

 A few weeks ago as our team traveled from Greece to Germany, we had an 8 hour layover in Athens, so our adventurous group decided to take full advantage of that! Once we landed in Athens, the 12 of us rushed our backpacks to airport storage, took the train from the terminal to the old city center, and hurried to the Acropolis. Once there, we heard that the Acropolis was under a lot of construction and we didn’t have a lot of time to see it fully anyway, so we ended up just touring the old ruins below the Acropolis – which were amazing! We had about two hours to wander around the ancient temples and streets and it was overwhelming how much history there was to take in. Pictures don’t quite do it justice, but below is a little photo diary of our day because I want to remember these moments forever!

Waiting for our plane at the Mytilini airport as it was over an hour late. Classic Greece!


Only 4 Euros per person to see all of these amazing ruins. The Acropolis tickets are 12 Euros each and we heard you need several hours for that tour to see everything.



That view of the Acropolis never got old. I took about 100 pictures of it!


Me being a cool mom with two of my adopted daughters 😉


I alternated taking pictures with my DSLR, iphone 6, and polaroid…so yeah, I’m officially a nerdy tourist!


Another view of the Acropolis!




Such a stark contrast between ancient Athens and modern Athens…


So thankful for this awesome team of mine that I’ve gotten to travel the world with and share the Good News! World changers.


Athens and the Acropolis from the air! Goodbye, Greece! We will never forget you!



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