YWAM DTS Outreach


It only took me 5 months after returning home from YWAM to edit this video, but better late than never! I had SO much footage that I shot mostly on my iPhone 6 as well as my Canon Rebel T3i. I wish I was able to capture more of the ministries we did – especially in Greece – but due to the nature of the situation there, filming was really limited.

A little backstory so that this video makes more sense: Starting in January our DTS outreach team spent 2 weeks in Windale, Australia doing mostly youth ministry and speaking in churches. We helped organize a big carnival-type event for the local kids there called “Summer Blast”. Then, we flew to Lesvos, Greece where we worked in the refugee camps for 1 month, ate 2 gyros each every single day, and pet a lot of cats (mostly my friend Tina and I). After that we flew to Berlin, Germany where we spoke in churches and organized free programs for refugees like English classes, community game/dance nights, and home visits. I’ve said this before, but Germany was my favorite part because we got to practically serve people in so many creative ways and build relationships with them. Plus Germany is just awesome and I love their culture!

I hope you enjoy this little glimpse of what was a life-changing 10 weeks for us!



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